Jardine Subspecies

Jardine Subspecies Group (38979 bytes)

This is for reference to help determine subspecies. Color variations from yellow green to deep emerald can appear in all subspecies of Jardine's. Color is no indication of the subspecies. The red patches above the cere may vary greatly from bird to bird. The patch on the Greater Jardine's is approximately its full size, while the patches on the Black Wing and Lesser show minimal coverage. The top beak on the Greater Jardine's rarely shows this much black, while the Lesser is generally darker than what is shown here. The posture shown here, accurately shows their normal, relaxed posture.

Unfortunately this picture does not show a side view of the Greater Jardine's, showing the more proportioned, tucked in beak.

The approximate weights of the Jardine's from left to right are 300, 230, 300.


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Last updated: February 01, 2002