African Parrot Society


This organization shall concern itself with members of the genus Psittacus (Greys), Poicephalus (Capes, Jardine's, Senegals, Meyers, and relatives), and Coracopsis (Vasas)

The goals of this organization shall be to:
1. Encourage high standards and promote responsible breeding of African parrots by aviculturists and zoological institutions.
2. Share information about breeding, behavior and management through a periodic newsletter to benefit the preservation of these species in captivity.
3. Promote the protection of these species in the wild and the preservation of their habitat.
4. Promote better liaison between aviculturists, ornithologists, field researchers, zoo personnel and veterinarians.
5. Establish studbooks to insure genetic diversity.
6. Take an annual census of captive populations.
7. Support and encourage veterinary, avicultural and field research.
8. Promote cooperation between the owners of rare species so these birds will have a chance to breed and be established in captivity.

Membership Privileges

1. For the annual fee members will receive four copies of the Society's newsletter, published roughly each quarter of the year.
2. Members may offer comments and articles for publication in The Ark; subject to editing.
3. All members who participate in the annual census and participate in studbooks, and will be given the privilege of free classified bird ads.

Membership Responsibilities

All members are asked to participate in the annual census. The total number of birds held by the society will be reported anonymously. All members who breed birds are urged to write and submit an article, or at least a paragraph or two, of their learning's and insights as a contribution toward the stated goal of this society that all aviculturists intentionally support and help each other. Any written contributions from pet-owner members of this society will also be gladly received.


We are currently not accepting membership applications.  We are redesigning the societies look an feel.  We hope to have the changes complete and announce the changes by late summer.  Please stay tuned.  We appreciate your support.

1997 - 2003 African Parrot Society
Last updated: July 07, 2005